Terms & Conditions

1.- USE OF THE VEHICLE: It is strictly prohibited with possible loss of all rights:

  • Driving the vehicle any person not authorize by NavarroAutos stated overleaf this agreement.
  • Participation in races or contest of any kind, or use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles.
  • Use the vehicle for the transportation of goods or carry more passengers that those specified by vehicle’s manufacture or permitted by law.
  • Drive the vehicle under alcohol or drugs influence.

2.- RENTAL CHARGES: Client agrees to pay total agreed on the voucher confirmation. Costs of any damage caused by negligent driving, off-road driving, any tow service or extra derived from those. Punctures or any damage caused to tyres/wheels or undercarriage. Driving mirrors and glasses are not covered either. Missing tools, jack tyres, missing or damaged car keys. Misfuelling or any breakdown derived from that is not covered by the insurance. 2.1 TRAFFIC FINES: Are not included in any case. Client is responsible for all violations, fines, toll charges and/or citations incurred during the rental period. In the event that the client is given a ticket will be charged an extra fee of € 30,00 as administration processing fee.

3.- RETURNING OF THE VEHICLE: The vehicle will be returned at the place, date and time stated in this agreement. Any change should be advised and authorize by NavarroAutos. Should not this be obeyed NavarroAutos can lawfully demand the return of the vehicle. NavarroAutos is fully authorize to cancel this agreement at any moment when may exist suspicion that the client is involved or using the vehicle in any illegal activities or if there is any doubt about his solvency. The contract establishes the rental period and if the rental car is returned before the end of this period. 3.1 RENTAL PERIOD: All rentals are charged on a 24 hour basis. NavarroAutos allow a 4-hour grace period when returning the rental car, if later than this, the client will be charged for an extra rental day. 3.2 There is not refund for early returns.

4.- INSURANCE, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCIDENTS: Only drivers(s) stated on this car rental agreement are entitled to the status of being assured. The civil responsibility of the client with respect to the damages caused to the vehicle in case of fire and theft is totally covered and partially in case of an accident with an insurance excess according to the current rates. 4.1 The number of days in which the car is immobilized and can’t be used due to any damage caused by negligence or bad used are not covered by the insurance therefore the client will compensate NavarroAutos in accordance with the current rates of the type of vehicle hired. 4.2 In case of any accident the client must contact NavarroAutos in within 24 hours since it occurred. Obtain and inform to NavarroAutos all the information about the other party, witnesses, specified details about circumstances, place, date, time or any other that might be necessary. Notify to the authorities if the fault of other party should need to be investigated or if there is any person injured. Not to abandon the hired vehicle without previously taking the necessary measures to protect it. 4.3 The insurance does not cover in any case: Any accident occurred under influence of alcohol or drugs. Accidents made by any driver not stated on this car rental agreement. Drivers without a valid driving license or with a minimum of two years holding the license. Loss property left inside the rental vehicle. 4.4 AutosNavarro declines any responsibility for injuries third parties or damages to the vehicle if the client or authorized drivers deliberately supply AutosNavarro with false information as to his identity, address, driving license, etc.etc.

5.- JURISDICTION: In case of any kind of disagreement between the client and NavarroAutos in the interpretation of this terms and conditions regardless of the nationality of the client, it will be subject to the Court of Malaga and under Spanish laws.

6.- BREACH OF CONTRACT: Please, be advised that when breaching the car rental agreement (terms & conditions) you will be charged € 120,00 on the credit card stated in the agreement.


  • Unlimited mileage
  • Malala Airport Collection & Delivery from:
    • Autumn / Winter opening hours: 08:00hrs. to 21:00hrs.
    • Spring / Summer opening hours: 07:00hrs. to 22:00hrs.
  • Any out of hours service will be subject at an extra fee of € 20,00 to be paid cash to the employee.
  • Airport & Local taxes 21% V.A.T. (I.V.A.)
  • 24 Hours rescue service
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with excess (Depending on the model supplied)


  • Damage to: Tyres/Wheels, clutch and gear box, missing or damage car keys, inadequate refueling, vehicle interiors, glasses, underside.
  • Dirtying the inside of the vehicle beyond what would be expected from reasonable and careful use. If the returned vehicle may need an extra special cleaning NavarroAutos reserves the right to charge and extra fee from € 50,00 (depending how dirty the car is).
  • Fuel is not included in any case. Customer must return the car with the same level of gas than when picked it up, otherwise will pay the difference (prices may vary depending on the daily market).
  • We can have availability of child seats, G.P.S., pushchairs,…if any particular requirement please do not hesitate to contact our booking department for more information, we will be pleased to attend you.
  • Local Collection & Delivery. For a small additional fee, if need it, you can pick-up or drop-off your rental vehicle anywhere on the Costa del Sol. Please, ask our booking department.
  • Cross Bordering/Territorial Restrictions: Vehicles are not allowed to be taken outside of Spanish borders, unless NavarroAutos authorize for that. For more information, please, ask our booking department.


Group Euros
A-B 600,00
AD-C 650,00
BA-D 700,00
CA-DA 750,00
E-K-F 800,00
G-H 800,00
People Carrier 9 Seats 900,00

* 21% V.A.T not included